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In the spirit of Rube Goldberg — Pulitzer Prize-winning American cartoonist, innovator, and the only person whose name is an adjective in Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary — The Rube Goldberg Institute for Innovation & Creativity:


Inspires diverse audiences

Visitors digitally discover the inventive genius of Rube Goldberg through an online experience showcasing tens of thousands of cartoons he created in his lifetime and a trove of archival material.


Empowers young people

Young people around the world develop the skills, confidence, and curiosity they need to imagine the impossible and help solve the problems of today through scientific developments and artistic works.


Elevates STEAM

Through STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) education we offer energizing and skill building resources and programs, including the international Rube Goldberg Machine Contests that since 1988 have given students unique opportunities to problem solve, experiment and innovate.


Supports future innovators

The work of future artists, inventors, dreamers, observers, and social commentators whose work will transform the ways we see our world — just as Rube’s did.

So, what's a Rube Goldberg?

goldberg, rube | 'gold,berg |
Adjective: North America

A comically involved, complicated invention, laboriously contrived to perform a simple operation

— Webster’s New World Dictionary

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History of Rube Goldberg

Rube Goldberg was a cultural icon of the 20th Century. Known for his innovative genius, Rube continues to inspire diverse audiences. Of the nearly 50,000 cartoons that he drew in his lifetime, Rube is best known for the ones that depict “Rube Goldberg Machines”— the chain-reaction contraptions, typically made from everyday objects, that solve a simple task in the most overly complicated, humorous, and inefficient way possible. In their funny functionality, Rube Goldberg’s inventions invite us to think more deeply about machines and mechanized processes, gadgets and technologies, and the very human ways in which we use them.

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